Tom Hodgkinson, editor of The Idler magazine, thinks you should work less and get a phone that’s not quite so smart

A life of idleness

It’s been 27 years since Tom Hodgkinson launched his magazine The Idler, advocating a slower pace of life with time for rest, play, cloud-spotting and creative day-dreaming. …

How do you get the income you deserve? By marketing. Consistently.

Selling and marketing are skills most creatives overlook.

But whether you write, make art, design, make crafts or make music, they are crucial if you want to be rewarded for your work, and make a living from it.

Marketing and selling creative work is different for everyone…

Here’s what might be holding you back and what to do about it

I’ve been putting off finishing my next book.

It’s an extension of my free 10-day course on growing your creative business, a book going into more detail with clear action steps for each chapter. It’s ready for a final edit, but I keep finding more important things to do. …

Making art of any kind is difficult, at times. But that’s also why it’s so satisfying.

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with a novelist.

I’m a writer but I’m also a life coach, working with creatives of all kinds. I’m used to working with people who are well-known, successful. But when the novelist approached me, I was excited.

I’d already read her last book, which was achingly beautiful and said something that felt important…

Sometimes all we need is to choose our next step. Then do it, without distractions.

Does any of this feel familiar?

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, unfocussed. I was starting a lot of things, finishing none, and the Urgent list on my task manager was so long I couldn’t read it. Life felt like an endless series of open loops, all clamouring for my attention.

I was multi-tasking, fire-fighting, doing lots…

Ayana Webb explains how she did it. And how you might do the same by sharing and teaching your creative skills.

The six-figure piano teacher

In the pandemic, at a time when many musicians have struggled to get by, Ayana Webb’s income went past $100,000 a year from piano lessons. An achievement that is all the more impressive given that not a single lesson involved meeting her students face-to-face.

From New Jersey, on the eastern…

What I’ve learned from designers, artists, musicians, comedians, architects, actors, and others — and how it helped my writing

Over the years, I’ve worked with or interviewed thousands of creatives from many different fields — many of them at the very top of their game. As a journalist and as a magazine editor. As a collaborator. And more recently as a coach working with experienced creatives of all kinds…

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